Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our New Dog

I meant to post this a few weeks ago; darn pregnancy brain!

So on October 23rd we welcomed a new family member: Sadie.  Sadie is an 8 year old Welsh Corgi.  She belonged to my brother but long story short, they sent her to us.  As Walker jokes, we are the retirement home for our families' dogs.

So far, Sadie  has been a pretty good dog.  Unfortunately for Mazie, she has very strong herding instincts.  The only thing Sadie sees to herd in our house is Mazie.  Therefore, Mazie gets herded....all the time.  "How can you herd a cat?" you might ask (especially since it's ONE cat and not multiple cats).  Well, in Sadie's mind this means that it's her job to make sure Mazie stays in certain places.  Anytime Mazie dares to go somewhere where she doesn't belong (in Sadie's mind) Sadie is right there watching her and most of the time, barking at her.  I have to tell you it is quite annoying.  Although they both have calmed down a bit.  I can only hope that they will adjust and learn to ignore each other. 

As for Sadie and Taylor...well I think Taylor likes Sadie more than Sadie likes Taylor.  Sadie has not been around small children very much.  So I think sometimes Sadie thinks that Taylor is another dog (and Sadie does NOT like other dogs) and sometimes I think she understands that Taylor is a person (albeit a very small person).  So sometimes Sadie will lick Taylor and allow her to pet her (okay grab her fur and smack her on the head) and sometimes Sadie will bark and growl at Taylor.  So we do have to be very careful when Taylor is near Sadie.  She hasn't really bitten her yet but she has kinda nipped Taylor on the fingers; very lightly though so I know Taylor wasn't hurt.  Although, the best thing happened this morning.  All three of us were in the kitchen (me, Taylor, Sadie) and Sadie kinda growled at Taylor.  Well Taylor growled right back at her!  It was awesome!!!  I have a feeling these 2 will be giving us lots of laughs over the next few years!

Overall, we are very happy to have a dog again.  I know Walker enjoys having a good excuse for walking around the neighborhood at night.  He thinks that walking by himself at night makes him seem creepy.  I don't think he's any more creepy than any of the other guys that walk around our neighborhood but I am married to him so maybe I'm biased.  Anyway, I'm glad Sadie came to live with us.  She's definitely a good dog!

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