Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Great App

I love finding new apps for my phone (and now my iPad!) and I love sharing them with others even more.  I especially love it when they're FREE!
So this week I bring you the shopping list app. 

You can plug in your zipcode and it will find grocery stores near you and you can even set which stores you shop at most often.  Then you go and create your list.  You can say the item, scan it, or type it.  When you type it, it's kind of like a google search where popular matches show up as you type, which makes creating a list super easy!  Now the best part.....underneath the item on your list, if any stores are having specials on it, the app will list them!  I have found this to be super helpful as we shop at Aldi's, which doesn't really have "sales."  Sometimes we'll buy something at Aldi's and I'll wonder "is this item on sale for cheaper elsewhere?"  Now with this app, I can check.  The only other store we go to is Meijer so if it is cheaper at Meijer, then I know to wait and get it there.  It's fantastic!  (sidenote: there are VERY few items that are cheaper at Meijer, even with sales on the store brand, but it's still helpful to check!).
Another feature of the app, which I have not used yet, is you can sync it to so that others can add to your list or use it to shop.  So potentially, you could create the list at home and then have your hubby pick it all up after work (and if any stay-at-home-moms are able to do that, you have a great hubby!)
This app is also available on the android store. 

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