Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy 9 Months to Lucy!

Weight: 16 lbs 7.5 oz
Height: 26.5 inches

Lucy is a whole pound heavier than Taylor was at 9 months, but funnily, she's 1/2 inch shorter.  So congratulations Lucy, you're still my "fat" baby.

What's New:
-Crawling: not on all fours.  It's more of an army inchworm crawl.  She'll get up on all fours, scooch her knees forward a bit, and then flop down on her belly and stretch her arms out.  It's not very efficient but it gets her where she wants to go.
-Eating puffs: she would not eat these a few months ago, but now Lucy happily mushes them up.  And she even gets 1 out of 10 puffs in her mouth.
-Saying Mama: I'd like to assume she knows exactly what she's saying...I'm not sure yet.  But she does say it when she's looking at me and not really anytime else so maybe.....
-Eating table food: Lucy hasn't had much, but she thoroughly enjoys mash potatoes and yesterday she mooched quite a few green beans from her Aunt Kelly.  And she might have had just a little taste of birthday cake.....
 -Not sleeping through the night:  I never thought I could jinx myself by bragging about how she was such a good sleeper but for the past month Lucy has been waking up at night about 4-5 times a week.  Funnily enough, this started when we started giving her more formula (so I could build up the breastmilk freezer stash).  So to all those breastfeeding mommas whose babies don't sleep through the night, don't listen to anyone who says giving them formula will make them sleep through the night.  Clearly, giving Lucy formula has done the opposite!

What's Not New:
-No teeth: Lucy's pediatrician said she's not even close to getting teeth.  Then what's with all the gnawing?!?
-Eczema: Yep we're still dealing with this.  However, her skin now looks the best it has in months.  It was really bad at the time of her appointment and the pediatrician kind of got on my case for not using the hydrocortisone (I tried more natural remedies) so for the past few days I've been following a strict regimen of hydrocortisone twice a day and Vaseline several times a day and there are virtually no red spots any more and not even any scabs.  You know part of the problem is Lucy grows daggers as fingernails.  Maybe she moonlights as Wolverine (good Lord I can't believe I just made an X-men reference; I really am married to a nerd!).  Basically anytime her clothes are off, she immediately starts trying to scratch herself.  But hopefully we've turned a corner.  I think as long as Walker and I (and our sitter) stay vigilant about applying the Vaseline we won't have any more problems.
-Adorableness: I offer these pictures as proof ;)


  1. SUPER stinkin' adorableness!!!!

    Haha and Logan's name is Logan James which is totally Wolverines name (and no we didn't do it on purpose).

  2. Agreed, ADORABLE!! My oldest, Dominic is dealing with eczema right now on his legs, and we just started that stuff. Hope it clears it up.