Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Important Lesson Was Learned

Okay we've all heard the dangers of putting car seats on top of grocery carts right?  And I will fully admit we were guilty of this as well until recently.  Well this morning we learned an important lesson that car seats should not go on ANY elevated surface.  Walker and I were both rushing around this morning in the usual chaos that is our morning routine.  I was in the bedroom finishing getting dressed and Walker was in the family room getting the girls ready to go.  He put Lucy in her car seat but did not buckle her in and put the car seat up on our counter-height table.  A minute later, I hear a thud, Sadie bark, Walker curse, and Lucy cry.  I ran out and found the car seat on the floor (upright) and Walker holding a crying Lucy.  I said, "What the hell happened?" (please excuse my language).  Well Walker didn't see what happened either but obviously, the car seat had fallen off the table and taken Lucy with it!  Thank God (seriously, praise Jesus!) she didn't seem to be seriously injured.  She calmed down within a few minutes.  But as I was leaving the neighborhood I thought, maybe I should get this checked out (and this was confirmed after talking to my sitter).  So off to convenient care.  They referred us to the pediatrician on call.  The pediatrician didn't think she was seriously hurt but he wanted to x-ray her ribs just to make sure because she got upset every time he put pressure on them.  So we go over to radiology.  When they finally called us, we went into this room and the radiologists said for me to put my things on the table.  I was a little confused because I wondered why they would want my things on the table if that's where Lucy was going to be.  Oh wait, Lucy wasn't going to lay on the table.  No, no, no.....they have a little contraption to x-ray babies ribs.  This is what my precious little child was put into:
Now imagine your child in there (screaming his/her head off) and tell me you wouldn't start crying!   They asked me to go behind a wall (for safety obviously) and there was a little window in the wall so that if I wanted to watch I could.  Let me tell you, I was not about to look at Lucy in that horrible thing anymore than I had to!  It physically hurt me to see her in it.  I was SO happy to get her out of it (and she was happy to be out!).
Thankfully, x-ray came back clean.  Lucy is doing very well- she's been a happy baby the rest of the day.  But to reiterate- DO NOT PLACE YOUR CHILD ON AN ELEVATED SURFACE IN ANY SORT OF CARRIER OR CHAIR UNLESS IT IS STRAPPED TO THAT SURFACE!  Seriously folks, I don't want any momma (or daddy) to go through what I went through this morning, or go through something even worse!!

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  1. Aww, thank God she is ok! I've had a scare like that. Dominic was only 3 weeks old, (day after Christmas) and I tripped and fell and he rolled off my arms. Nothing more terrifying that a falling child for sure.