Saturday, November 26, 2011

Breakdown of Taylor's Birthday

Oh this post is way over due.....
When it came to making plans for Taylor's birthday I thought about doing a party with some of her friends, but then I started thinking of how much money it would cost (even if I did things on the cheap), how we didn't have room for presents (even though I would ask people not to bring them; whoever pays attention to that?), and how really, she still doesn't get "birthdays" and she wouldn't remember if she had a party with friends or a party with the 3 coolest people on Earth (a.k.a.her parents and sister).  So we decided to just do a small party at home.  So if you were wondering why you weren't invited to a party; that's why.  So don't feel left out because really, we left everyone out.  =)
Anyway, we celebrated the Saturday before Taylor's birthday.  I made her a super yummy and super cute (if I do say so myself) cake. 

It may not look like much on the outside but check out the inside:

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and it was actually a rainbow cake.  That's what I was going to do until I was in the middle of making the cake, opened the cabinet to find we only had green and red food coloring.  So a graduated pink cake it became.  I'm actually quite happy with how it came out.  =)
Anyway back to the birthday fun.....
Taylor liked opening her presents but she still seems to like the tissue paper more.  

A potty!

A bowling set!


Elf on a Shelf!
And of course after the presents we had the cake.  Taylor didn't understand to blow out the candles until I pointed to them and said "hot!"  Then she blew on them.  =P

On her actual birthday, Walker's dad came over and she opened more presents (lots of books!!) and we went to dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse (which was really good!!).  
I'd say Taylor had a very enjoyable 2nd birthday.....well other than Walker and I waking her up at 6 AM to sing to her:

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