Friday, June 8, 2012

15 Months for Lucy

I guess being 15 months old isn't as major as turning 1 but I feel the need to write a post because she did have a doctor's appointment (I guess in my mind well check=blog post).

Weight: 19 lbs, 6.5 oz (she's only gained 5.5 oz in 3 months??)
Height: 29.25 inches (ah but she grew almost 2 inches)

As the pediatrician said today "well someone has to be at the bottom of the charts."  And it's not like Lucy is at the very bottom, 6th percentile for weight and 17th for height.  We're not really worried because she is pretty steady in her growth curve (although I have noticed her thighs have lost a bit of their chunk...::sniff sniff::)

As for physical milestones, well she obviously is walking now and like I predicted she's getting quite good at it.  It's funny to watch her try and actually go faster.  I think she's trying to run like Taylor does.  That's just what I need...another kid running away from me.
Lucy has been experimenting with using a spoon to eat.  She definitely gets the concept; it's just getting her hands to do the right thing in a coordinated way that doesn't end with mash potato in the hair (and on the face, highchair, clothes, dog, etc.)
Coloring is another activity that has sparked her interest lately that also requires a little refinement on the coordination.  Again, Lucy understands what she is supposed to do with the crayon (other than nibble on it), she just needs to adjust her pencil grip.

Language-wise I am not worried about this girl at all!  I'm not sure I could even list all of the words she says on her own in context.  And then there's all the words she repeats!  We definitely have to watch what we say around her.  I'm so relieved that Lucy is not having the same speech delays that Taylor has.
And let me tell you, this little one is a smart cookie.  Lucy sings the ABC's (minus a few letters), she can count (again, minus a few numbers- she's better at providing the next number if someone else is counting) and she is starting to recognize and name some letters, colors, and shapes.  And she'll say words sometimes and I just look at her and think "where in the world did you pick up on that?"  I tell you, Lucy is a little sponge- she just soaks it all in.  And I couldn't be prouder.
Not to say Taylor isn't smart; clearly she is a genius as well but this post is all about Lucy.....

Normally I end these posts with some pictures....but I haven't taken any "good" pictures of her lately.  I do have some black and white ones posted on Facebook from last week.  Hopefully this weekend I can get her outside to do more 'formal' pictures

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