Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Hundred's Day!

No, not the hundredth day of school- thankfully that happened months ago (no, I'm not ready for summer to start at ALL).  This is my own hundreds day.  As in, I now have over 100 oz of my OWN breastmilk stashed in our deep freezer!

Pardon the crappy quality of the iPhone camera (didn't feel like busting out the Nikon for this one =P).
I'm honestly amazed at this.  I definitely have to give credit to Carissa for donating some of her freezer stash.  I've gotten to the point where every time I take out one of her containers to thaw, I'm able to put a container (or more!) of my own back in to replace it.
            <---------------------------I step away from the computer for 1 minute and Taylor decides to add her own 2 cents
And of course, this shows that God DOES answer our prayers.  I'm sure you remember I wrote about praying to God every day to make me an overproducer.  An overproducer is someone who outproduces what her baby needs.  Well, I'm now consistently making between 24-26 oz a day and Lucy only takes in between 21-24 oz per day.
I cannot begin to write how good this makes me feel.  Finally, after over a year of feeling like I had failed and that something was wrong with me, I can put all of that behind me and confidently know that there is nothing wrong with my body and that it is working the way God intended.
So now I'm praying a new prayer.  I would LOVE to be able to make enough to donate to either a breastmilk bank or a mom in need.  Being able to bless another mom the way I was blessed would be such a wonderful gift.

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