Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lucy is 3 Months!

Weight- 11 lbs .5 oz
Length- 23.25 inches

So growth slowed down a little bit this past month.  I think it would have been more of a difference had her 2 month appointment been closer to when she actually turned 2 months but it was actually 10 days after.  So maybe I should have waited 10 more days to have her weighed and measured but oh well.  I have to say I did think it was strange she was only eating 21 oz per day.  She didn't seem like she was starving or anything but there were times she'd finish eating and fuss but we just figured she was sleepy or had reflux.  But now we give her 4 oz at each feeding and we've started waking her up in the middle of the night again to eat.

New skills: going days without pooping!  I was starting to get worried she doesn't poop as frequently anymore but I was told by many people that it's normal, especially since she's on 100% breastmilk now.  Hey I'm not going to argue with less poopy diapers to change!  Other than that, nothing really new with skills.  Still getting lots of smiles and we've gotten quite a few half laughs.  I'm still waiting for that first full out belly laugh.  She doesn't seem really interested in using her hands yet and definitely has not lost that grasping reflex. 

And another new development is the most awful eczema I have ever seen.  She's got it all over her elbows and on the back of her head.  And recently she's started getting patches on her legs.  I seriously have tried just about everything on it.  All the lotions do is make her greasy and reduce the red color.  I want something that will REMOVE the crusty scaly stuff and make her skin smooth again.  Am I allowed to use my Mary Kay midrodermabrasion stuff on her?  haha probably not.  =)

I feel bad that I'm not focusing on her development as much as I did with Taylor but you know life with 2 under two is super chaotic fun.

ETA: oh yeah, pictures are coming soon.  See above comment......=)


  1. Have you tried Aveeno soothing lotion? That and the Aveeno oatmeal bath work well for me in the winter time when things are soooo dry.

  2. No but I've already spent so much money-
    I dont want to buy something else just for it not to work ya know?