Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodbye Peanut Butter (maybe)

So tonight I encountered another first in mommy-hood: first allergic reaction to food.

Neither of the girls were interested in the baked chimichangas I made for dinner (which were amazing by the way- I can't believe they didn't like them) so I told Walker to spread some peanut butter on some bread for both of them.  I didn't think twice about this as Taylor has been eating peanut butter for over a year and food allergies do not run in our families.  Well Lucy barely touched her bread and peanut butter but it must have been just enough.  Less than 30 minutes later, Walker comes out from changing her and said "um what's up with her lip?"  Lucy's upper lip was puffy on the right side.  I looked at her and said "um what's up with her FACE?"  She had blotchy red patches all over her face and there were little bumps around the perimeter.   And her right eye was all red like it was irritated.  I immediately called my sister because I wasn't sure what to do as clearly Lucy was having an allergic reaction but it was obviously not life threatening (she was acting totally fine; just a little fussy but she was tired from no afternoon nap).  Jen (on the consult of her husband, a doctor) said to give her children's Benadryl and keep an eye on her and make an appointment with  a pediatric allergist pronto.  So tomorrow morning I will definitely be doing so.  I didn't realize that ENT doctors are the ones who treat allergies (at least they are the ones who do so at Christie Clinic) so I'm hoping we get to see Dr. Lipps again as he was the one who we saw when Taylor needed tubes put in her ears.  (and random sidenote but I love that an ENT doctor has the name Dr. Lipps!)
And now I probably will need to start preparing myself for all the precautions we'll have to start taking.  Oy......

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  1. Oh that stinks! Maybe just maybe it was something else?! Good luck with the doctor. And yes, Dr Lipps for an ENT is pretty funny!