Thursday, July 22, 2010

8 Months

Today Taylor is 8 months old.  Her "unofficial" weight and height of 15 pounds and 26 inches might be more appropriate for a 5 month old however.  I keep waiting for some big growth spurt and it still has yet to happen.  But she's gained almost 2 pounds in 2 months which is pretty much what her growth has been all along so at least she's consistent.  I worry that perhaps she isn't eating enough but she's been eating very close to the amount per day recommended by formula companies, plus she eats solids twice a day.

Our girl has 4 teeth and is working on 2 more.  She has her 2 bottom central incisors, and  her two top lateral incisors (the teeth next to your center teeth).  Her left top central incisor is sooo close to coming in- we can see it through the gum; it just hasn't popped through yet.  I think the right one will still be a while.  I have to say that these 2 teeth seem to be the most painful so far.  Walker and I will be very glad when both of them are finally through.

Developmentally, Taylor is doing great!  She can now transition from laying down to sitting (and back again) by herself quite easily.  She also is great at getting around doing the "army" crawl.  In fact, she's pretty fast at that.  Taylor has started to push herself onto all fours a rock back and forth so I expect crawling will come soon.  And she can pull herself up.  Unfortunately for her, she's too short to reach anything in her house to pull up on (ha! this is fortunate for us!) so she has to practice on our hands.  And no, Walker and I do not help her pull up. 

I think Taylor's cognitive development is right on track as well.  She knows her name and will turn to look at you when you say it.  She also will stop when you say "no!" but then she goes right back to what she was doing so we need to work on that.  And she lifts her arms in the air when she wants to be picked up.

Language wise, she still does a lot of babbling.  Lots of syllables with /b/, /k/, /g/, /d/, and /m/.  I'm pretty sure she understands what "milk" means when we sign it.  She has made the sign a few times but it's not always in context so I'm not sure she really knows when to use it.  I'm not really concerned about that since the Baby Signs program says most kids don't start signing until closer to 12 months.
Of course we did 8 month pictures today but I will post those in a different post. 

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