Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Tooth!

Yes, that's right...Taylor started cutting her first tooth last Wednesday.  I was completely shocked to feel the little ridge poking through her gum, but there is no denying it.  She's been handling it pretty well; there have been a few fussy moments but nothing some rocking and Orajel can't take care of.  Praise the Lord teething has not interrupted her sleeping through the night! 
And Taylor is thisclose to sitting up on her own.  As in, she can do it but she loses her balance pretty easily and most of the time needs to keep her hands on the floor or her legs.  I keep telling her how much more fun life is when you can sit up by yourself but I guess that's not enough motivation.  But thank you Monica for letting us borrow the exersaucer for the summer!  I love being able to plop Taylor in that while I get housework done.  Definitely a must-have item for parents!!

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