Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 Months!

Our little girl turned 7 months on Tuesday. Her "unofficial" weight was 14 lbs.  Still tiny but at least she has gained some weight.  I was worried because she has become so active!  Taylor can sit up by herself for longer periods of time now, but she prefers to be on her belly so she can practice her scooting.  I don't know how far away from crawling she is, but I imagine it's not too far because she has already figured out that she should be up on her knees.  From there she either rocks back and forth and propels herself forward (like a squid) or she just falls over.  She definitely does not like falling over and we have had a few tears (mostly from when she falls from a sitting position).

This morning we took her to the U of I arboretum to do her 7 month pictures.  I was very excited as this was my first "official" photo session behind the camera.  I learned 2 things: 1. Taylor doesn't like wood chips going in her bloomers (well who would?) and 2. grass is much more interesting than someone holding a camera.  Still, we ended up with 40 pictures that we liked.  I won't post them all here (they are all up on Facebook though) but here are some of my favorites.

Well I have a lot more that I really really like but I won't put them all on here.  Walker is the reason we got so many pictures with smiles- I'm not very entertaining but Walker did a great job getting her to smile.  That's what daddies are for, right?

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