Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Changes(?)

Talk to me about my job for 5 minutes and you'll quickly find out there are many things I detest about it.  There are also things I love but not enough to keep me in the school distict.  There is a very good chance that next year I will be teaching in Walker's school district.  With both of us teaching in Gibson City it would be silly not to live there (especially since we don't want our kids going to Champaign schools).  We want to get there as soon as possible.  There is currently a GREAT house for sale in Gibson at a really good price.  But is this something we can realistically do anytime soon?  My main concern is that we wouldn't be able to sell our house.  There are quite a few things we need to do to our house to get it "sale-worthy."  And even then it's not a guarantee our house would sell quickly.  And then there's the issue of the downpayment.  Yes we have some money saved up but definitely not enough for a downpayment.  Could we save enough for one by this summer?  Not sure to be honest.
I've been really trying to just pray about all of this; well actually about a lot of things.  Like recently I've been looking at ways I could work from home.  But God made it very clear last night during prayer that I'm supposed to be in a classroom so that issue is settled.  I think He was also telling me that I just need to have patience on the house issue and that it WILL happen, but it's going to happen in His time, not my time.
And is it possible our little one is already starting to teethe?  I have noticed a lot more spit bubbles and she seems to chew on her paci more.  Also chewing on her hands is a favorite activity.  And she's been so fussy at night.   I guess only time will tell. 

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  1. I'm glad that something was at least confirmed. :) I'll keep praying about the house and moving though!