Sunday, August 7, 2011

gDiapers for Sale!

I'm selling my stash of gdiapers!  I have 7 size small gpants, 6 size medium gpants, 14 small snap in gpant liners, 11 medium/large snap in gpant liners, 6 small gcloth inserts, 4 medium/large gcloth inserts, and 2 boxes (one opened but barely used) gcloth liners (these are flushable/disposable liners that you lay over the gcloth to catch poop making it VERY easy to clean up poopy diapers!).  Prices are listed below with the pictures and include shipping.  And sorry the pics are all turned sideways, and are not of good quality- I took them on my phone.

Medium gpants: in GUC, some pilling on waistband, asking $10/pant except the purple one.   The purple one has a piece of velcro that came off- the velcro is attached with a safety pin so it's an easy fix for someone who can sew.  Asking $9 for that one.  All gpants come with a gpant liner that snaps in place.

Small gpants: in GUC.  The two light pink, orange, and cream gpants were all bought 2nd hand so I'm asking $8/pant on those.  The dark pink and purple were bought new by me and only used for a few months, asking $11/pant.  And the yellow one was barely used at all, asking $12 for that one.

For the small gcloth inserts I'd like $20 for all 6.  For the medium/large gcloths I'd like $16 for all 4.  For the extra snap in liners, let's just say $1.50 each.  And for the 2 boxes of flushable liners (which I don't have a picture of...sorry! You can see them here) I'd like $6/box.  ORRRR  take the EVERYTHING for $175. 

If you have any questions let me know.  I will entertain offers ;)  But I will say you might need to act quickly because if these don't sell by the time my town has their huge consignment sale (Sept. 20th) I will put them in there.  You can learn more about the gdiaper system here.

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