Thursday, May 13, 2010

Traveling ain't so bad

Last week Taylor and I went on our first trip together (sadly Walker could not come).  We left Wednesday after school for Midway airport to head out to Arizona.  Taylor was quite good.  Our flight ended up being delayed so we made several laps around the concourse (always bring a stroller to the airport!) which helped pass the time.  Even though our flight was late, we were blessed in the fact that the flight wasn't that full and I was allowed to bring her carseat on and place her in the seat next to me, which means I got some much needed sleep.
We had a great time in Arizona.  We stayed with my dad and stepmom in their newly renovated house.  Our first day we went to the botanical gardens but it was pretty hot and Taylor got fussy (poor girl isn't used to temps in the 90's!).  The next day we went shopping at a few different stores.  One of them was Buy Buy Baby (which I think is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond).  This store was great!!!  We even found reusable swim diapers in her size (unlike the disposables which start at 16 lbs!).  And that evening we all relaxed in the hot tub.  The good news is Taylor is not afraid of the water!  She loved splashing water on her and me, and she kept trying to catch the bubbles- so cute!  And on Saturday we had a really nice dinner with Linda's kids in honor of Mother's Day.  Too bad Taylor was very very fussy- we think she was just overstimulated.
Sunday we left to come home and again Taylor did great on the flight.  No such luck with spare seats so she had to ride on my lap but she did really well.  Unfortunately the car ride home from Midway was absolutely awful.  You know that stretch of I-80 you have to take to get from 294 to 57?  It took us more than 30 min. to travel that!  Stupid construction.  We had to stop 3 different times on the way home and Taylor screamed the last hour of the ride.  All in all, definitely not the way I wanted to spend my first Mother's Day but I'm really glad we got to go so I don't regret it.  Besides, it was great to get away from school for a few days!

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