Monday, February 15, 2010

Giggles All Around

Taylor has reached two exciting milestones this week.  Earlier this weekend she started reaching for things.  Her favorite is a stuffed elephant that hangs from her jungle gym.  Thank you Aunt Theresa and Uncle Bo for that! 
And today she let out an adorable little laugh!  I guess she finds Daddy's face pretty funny.  So all three of us spent a good 5 minutes just laughing and giggling at each other- yes we're all dorks.
It's a good thing she can be so cute because it definitely makes up for when she's being downright crabby.  She has been eating a ton today (and is not afraid to scream to let us know she's hungry) so we're thinking she's going through a growth spurt.  We just hope this doesn't interfere with her sleeping through the night!
On the house front, we had a potential buyer come look at our house over the weekend.  No, we haven't listed our house on the market yet, but one of the gals I teach with is looking for a house and she and her husband really like our neighborhood.  We're not counting on anything to come from this because we know our house isn't totally ideal (hello one car garage!).  The nice thing is we're not in a huge rush.  And I did talk to our lender and there is a good loan program out there that we'd qualify for....assuming we sell our house.  Basically that's what everything comes down to- we just gotta sell our house. 

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