Saturday, August 31, 2013

TSW Week 3

I'm not really sure what changes there have been in Lucy's skin.  She continues to go through the cycle of really dry skin, massive shedding, healthyish skin, then drying out again, repeat.  Our daycare provider did note that this week she seemed happier.  I think I can agree with that although this past week was crazy for us in general so I feel like I barely even saw the girls.
I do think Lucy is losing weight.  I haven't confirmed this by weighing her but in general she doesn't look as "plump" as she has been.  In particular, her cute little pot belly is starting to disappear.  Her appetite definitely fluctuates, which I know is totally normal for toddlers anyway.  Some days she seems to be reeaally hungry and other days she doesn't want anything.  Of course those days are harder because her diet is so limited and I can't help but wonder, would she eat more if we were able to offer her the foods she used to love eating?  I've thought about mixing protein into her soy milk but we don't have any that doesn't have milk or wheat ingredients. 
Sleep-wise Lucy is still doing great.  Last night she woke up a few times but I think she quickly went back to sleep. 
Right now our daily moisturizing regimen is morning bath followed by Curel Intensive Moisture and either vaseline or the dollar store coconut oil mixture.  Before her nap, she gets coated in Curel again.  At night she gets another bath and then we use the Bee Magic followed with more vaseline or dollar store stuff.  She hates getting rubbed down and tells us to "get out of here" or "let go"  I know some people just skip all moisturizers but her skin is so dry, I feel we need to keep doing something.
Oh and she has almost completely regressed on the potty training.  If she's in the bathtub she will ask to sit on the potty if she needs to.  And when she needs to poop, she'll tell us.  But she wants to wear a diaper every day now and she doesn't tell us when she needs to pee; she just goes in her diaper.  I think we'll just end up retraining her on Christmas break.
I think our biggest concern at this point is just making sure she's eating enough calories to help her body fight whatever is going on.  I'm just praying she doesn't lose any more weight (if she has lost any).

Taken 8.29.13

This was a "good" day for her- still pink but skin was pretty smooth

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