Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin!

Oh yes, we are rolling a lot these days!  Taylor has become quite proficient at rolling onto her tummy and back again.  So much so we had to move her playpen into the living room just to keep her contained!  As delighted as I am by this, I can't help but cringe when I find her sleeping on her tummy.  I guess I'm not too surprised given she's been sleeping on her side for the past month.  All I can do is make sure her head is turned to the side and there's nothing near her face.
We've also been dealing with some illness the past week.  I brought her to the doctor last week because she had been wheezing and coughing.  The doctor discovered she had a slight ear infection in her right ear.  So Taylor has been on antibiotics- yep the pink stuff that tastes like bubble gum!  And yesterday she threw up almost everything she ate.  But you'd never know she was sick because she's still just as active and just as happy.
Since the weather has been getting nicer, we've been enjoying family walks in the evening, leaving the house to Mazie.  We would take her along (she does have a harness and leash) but we'd have to drag her.  It's easier to just leave her at home and let her play "watch-cat."
And it's baby season!  I'm so excited for all of my friends who have just had their babies or are about to!  What a great reminder of the miracles God performs and how blessed we are.

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