Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look Ma! I have hands!!

Yes, today Taylor has finally discovered that her hands are for more than just chewing on.  We had noticed the past few weeks that every once in a while she would seem to reach for something or she'd grab one of her hanging toys but we always thought it was kind of accidental.   Well today I got to observe her hard at work trying to use her hands.  She was sitting in her Bumbo and I had placed a stuffed bee on the tray.  With furrowed brow and tongue sticking out, she played with that bee for a good 20 minutes!  She's still working on the coordination, and depth perception but she's definitely beginning to understand how to open her hand and close it around something.  At one point she even managed to bring the bee's wing to her mouth so she could taste it- I can see where this is going!
I know everyone tells you how fast babies grow up but it really is true!  While at Target yesterday I was looking at some dresses and saw the newborn size and just thought it was SO tiny!  It's hard for me to remember that for the first few weeks of her life, newborn clothes were BIG on her!
Spring is slowly coming to Illinois- we have enjoyed several walks the last few days and Taylor just babbles on and on during our walks.  She loves cooing and trying out different sounds.  I'll be glad when I don't have to bundle her up just to go outside!
"I'm gonna get you, bee!"

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